Address 18 St. Albans Road, Kingsgrove 2208
Phone +61 2 9502 6500   Fax +61 2 9502 6511

Distribution & Service

Frutex Australia's head office in Kingsgrove proudly accommodates five spacious warehouses, solidifying its position as a central and robust hub for our distribution and manufacturing services. These strategically located warehouses play a crucial role in efficiently managing customer orders and deliveries across Australia. Our dedicated customer service team leverages an integrated system that grants them access to comprehensive customer history records. This advanced system empowers our team to provide fast and efficient ordering processes tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our delivery system, which covers all areas of the country on a weekly basis, we ensure prompt and reliable product distribution to our valued customers. Timely deliveries are at the core of our operations, as we understand the importance of meeting customer demands and exceeding their expectations. By leveraging our extensive warehouse network and optimising logistics, Frutex Australia consistently delivers exceptional service and maintains its status as a trusted partner in the food industry.